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Cultivate 2020

Cultivate 2020

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In Spring 2020, Calvary Global Network (CGN) is launching CULTIVATE, a One-Year Training & Assessment Experience for Church Planters & Missionaries.

What makes CULTIVATE unique?

. Access through primarily Online Content Delivery + Personal Interaction

. Assessment through Relational + Proven Resources

. Mentorship through CGN Trainers + Field Ministry Mentors

. Relevance through engaging the Local Church as the Training Lab

. Customization through resources tailored to your Ministry Focus + Context

. Community through Learning + Relationship Cohorts

. Sponsorship through Mission Scholarships awarded to qualified Church Planters and Missionaries engaged in Great Commission work among target people groups

Come cultivate your character, biblical knowledge, and ministry skills with us, as you join God in His redemptive mission to reach the world.

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