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The Link: 2018 Worship Leaders Archives, Where Atheists Lack Courage, Cultural Winsomeness & More

The Link: 2018 Worship Leaders Archives, Where Atheists Lack Courage, Cultural Winsomeness & More

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"2018 Calvary Chapel Worship Leaders Conference Archives"CalvaryChapel.com
"Listen and watch sessions from the 2018 Calvary Chapel Worship Leaders Conference."

"When Atheists Lack the Courage of Their Convictions"The Economist
"A philosopher subjects atheism to the sort of scrutiny normally reserved for religion."

"Cultural Winsomeness Will Not Be Enough for Christians"The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
"It’s the type of courage or bravery that doesn’t just require sacrifice, but a willingness to stand against the crowd when the crowd has all the power and seems to be shouting the loudest."

"Last Call for Liberty?? (With Os Guinness)"Think Biblically Podcast
"Os Guinness, noted speaker, author and social commentator, maintains that in the aftermath of the contentious Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings, the polarization in the US seems greater than any time since the Civil War."

"Abundant Life Now"Back to Basics
"The gospel of John speaks of abundant life, so let me ask you this question: Are you living the life that Jesus came to give?"

"Q&A with David Guzik"Enduring Word
"On today's Q&A, David deals with questions about contradictions in the Gospel records, polygamy, the motives of Judas, sermon preparation, head coverings, and facial hair on Jesus."

"Citizens – Strength & Beauty"HumbleBeast
"We're excited to announce that our newest Artist, Citizens, just dropped their new single "Strength and Beauty" on all digital platforms. Listen at the link here: http://hyperurl.co/StrengthBeauty"

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