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The Link: Advice for Entering the Ministry, Worship Leaders Conference, Are You Anointed and More

The Link: Advice for Entering the Ministry, Worship Leaders Conference, Are You Anointed and More

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"What is Some Advice for Those Entering the Ministry"Reformed Seminary
Enjoy Reformed Seminary's #WisdomWednesday with Dr. Tim Keller as he provides tips and guidelines for those entering the ministry.

"You Have an Anointing"Enduring Word
"All too often, when Christians hear the word anointing, they hear it said in an unusual, super-spiritual and kind-of-strange sort of voice that lets everyone know something really holy is being talked about."

"Would You Believe in God if He Showed You a Miracle?"Patreon
"Ever heard someone claim that they would happily believe in God if he would just show them a personal miracle to demonstrate to them that he exists? Does this really work as an excuse for not believing?"

"Fit for the Fight"Back to Basics
"Prayer is the final piece of the Christian soldier’s armor. Prayer is the guarantee that the Christian soldier is fit for the fight."

"Moving First Baptist Dallas Service Results in Hundreds of Republican Party Registrations"The Babylon Bee
"An emotional, moving service at First Baptist Dallas Sunday morning resulted in hundreds of new Republican Party registrations, sources at the Southern Baptist megachurch confirmed."

2017 Calvary Chapel Worship Leaders Conference
The 2017 Calvary Chapel Worship Leaders Conference (CCWLC) is a time for worship leaders and those in worship ministry to come together and enjoy a time of fellowship, Bible studies, workshops and refreshment during November 6-9. Matt Redman will be leading worship, along with a list of other guests and speakers. For more information and to register, visit their website.

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