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The Link: Universalism: "Opiate of the Theologians," 2019 Shepherd's Conference, How do Pastors Guard from Abusing Power & More

The Link: Universalism: "Opiate of the Theologians," 2019 Shepherd's Conference, How do Pastors Guard from Abusing Power & More

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"My Take on the Eventful 2019 Shepherds’ Conference Q&A Panel on Social Justice..."Gospelize Me
"After the first question on humility, the conversation turned toward the social justice debates happening in our Calvinistic/Reformed/Monergistic circles."

"How Universalism, ‘the Opiate of the Theologians,’ Went Mainstream"Christianity Today
"Michael McClymond decries the rising popularity of an idea Christians have rejected for most of church history."

"Archival Podcast: Singleness & The Christian Part 1"NateHoldridge.com
“I am happy to share this archival post as a reflection on a topic that has been important to me. I hope you will enjoy either revisiting this topic with a new awareness or reading it for the first time with fresh eyes.” — Pastor Nate

"Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel on Abuses of Power in the Church"The Gospel Coalition
"Jamin Goggin and Kyle Strobel offer insight on how can pastors or leaders can guard against the temptations and abuses that come with positions of power and influence in the church."

"A Discussion on the Biblical Theology of Israel Part 2"CalvaryChapel.com
"The promises of God concerning Israel are certain, for the Word of God cannot be broken; His promises are sure."

"Response to Revoice"Covenant Seminary
"Dr. Mark Dalbey, President of Covenant Theological Seminary, responds to questions and concerns about Covenant Seminary's beliefs following the Revoice conference."

"John Lennox Busts a Myth About Religion, Faith and Science"Solas
"I am often told that the trouble with believers in God is just that: they are believers. That is, they are people of faith. Science is far superior because it doesn’t require faith. It sounds great. The problem is, it could not be more wrong."

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